Location is the most advantage in the potential price of Thu Thiem

Location is the most advantage in the potential price of Thu Thiem


My Paradise Thu Thiem has a potential increase in price by locating at the golden location.

It is the completely new area at District 2. By this reason, the price has a significantly change when it is started to build until finished.

With the most standardized region plan in the area, Thu Thiem is the vibrant area of Saigon - the center of economic, administration, and politic of Ho Chi Minh City.

There are many luxurious neighborhoods which is located next to the area, such as Sala Dai Quang Minh, Empire City, Eco Smart City, Vinhomes Thu Thiem, etc. Therefore, the residents community has an huge influence on the value of real estate, especially high-end products.

Bordering with Saigon riverside, My Paradise project has an strong advantage for its potential location. At the moment, according to our survey, the lowest sale price of a luxurious apartment nearby Saigon riverside is from $5000 to $6000 while the sale price of My Paradise is only $4000. This is the reason why the value of this development will increase dramatically in the future.

Due to the master plan, Thu Thiem is expected to become a new central business district of Ho Chi Minh City, so that, the future home buyers can find all of amenities and services in My Paradise Thu Thiem, such as shopping mall, food an beverage, entertainment, relaxation, healthcare and so on.The future residents do not need to go so far because My Paradise's location is in the "heart" of Thu Thiem.

Because of its strategic location - nearby the river, the future residents here can both have a value apartment at the ideal location and a fresh environment by the cool air from the river.

Walking in the green park and enjoying the fresh atmosphere. It is the perfect way to improve the quality of life, isn't it?

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